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الثلاثاء، 26 مارس 2013

Spreading of Diseases due to People’s Immorality

الثلاثاء, مارس 26, 2013
Spreading of Diseases due to People’s Immorality

By: Dr. / Zaghloul El-Naggar
It was narrated that Abdullah ibn Umar (A.S.) said that the Prophet (PBUH) addressed us saying:

"O Muhajirun (migrants)! Beware of five practices, to be afflicted with, I take refuge in Allah that you may not be hit with; if ever lewdness spreads among people till it is regarded as a common open practice, plagues and new diseases which did not exist before will spread among them. If they decrease the measures and weights (when buying and selling), they be overcome by poverty, their provision will decrease and their ruler will be unjust. If they refrain from paying Zakah due on their properties, they will be deprived of rain, and if it were not for the sake of the cattle, they would not have any rain. If they renounce their commitment to Allah and His Messenger, they will be governed by an enemy who is a stranger to them and who will take away some of what they possess. If their rulers do not rule according to Allah's Book, they will be afflicted by civil war".

Explanation of the Hadith

Lewdness in the hadith refers to all atrocities and major sins, such as adultery, homosexuality, sodomy and similar acts that are not acceptable by sound human nature (Fitrah). These acts are a form of abuse to the human body, which is a trust from Allah, given to each of us, to keep and preserve until it returns to Allah.

The human body has its own dignity, which is derived from the dignity of the human being himself about whom Allah, Glorified be He says:

 And indeed We have honored the Children of Adam , and We have carried them on land and sea , and have provided them with At-Tayyibat (lawful good things) , and have preferred them above many of those whom We have created with a marked preferment. ﴿

(Surat Al-Isra (The Journey by Night): 70)

That is why we are strongly commanded to honor the human body, whether dead or alive, and to preserve it from any form of abuse, harm or mistreatment. If the human body is abused in anyway, this will destroy the dignity of the person himself, which totally contradicts the status of man as mentioned in the above-mentioned verse.

That is why the Qur'an warned against coming near any of the major sins, whether committed openly or secretly, as did the Prophet (PBUH), who strongly warned those who commit these sins in society, without shame, that they will be punished by Allah by the outbreak of diseases, that did not exist before, among them. And this prophecy of the Prophet (PBUH) has now come true.

The current materialistic civilization, given birth by the Zionistic movement, deems lawful the spread of all sorts of lewd and lawful acts in human societies, with the purpose of destroying people and holding sway over them. They encourage all obscene acts starting with adultery , incest , alcohol , drugs , gambling , nightclubs , clubs for the nude , striptease clubs , and ending with issuing laws to legalize nasty homosexuality , and even discussing these laws openly to the extent that the British House of Commons and the leaders of the Western churches insist on giving homosexuals the right to practice their obscene acts under the protection of the law ! Moreover , they assure the homosexuals of full rights under this type of relationship i.e. homosexuality such as inheritance and all the rights of the ordinary family including legal rights , health care , and adoption , all under the protection of the law . In addition to this, homosexuals excuse their behavior for practicing these acts from psychologists and psychiatrists! They now have no shame in going out in large numbers in public demonstrations, which are humiliating to the dignity of the human being. It is not just that they have no shame, but they show pride in practicing these obscene sexual acts and speaking about it publicly!

These demonstrations that speak publicly and openly about their indecent acts , have encouraged even more people to join the parade of the devil and some of them are ministers , directors , physicians , engineers , academic professors , teachers (males and females) , and other political , social , religious , and scientific leaders . They also have now their own media, which defends their perverted acts, tries to give them a legal image and asks for more rights for them. They even fight anyone who criticizes their obscene acts or tries to put them aright and get them out of the dirty swamp into which they have fallen. Moreover, they have their societies, clubs and assemblies, which they advertise with no sign of shame whatsoever! Those human devils have gone against the innate nature (Fitrah) that Allah has created them with, and have reached – with their acts – a stage, which is lower than that of animals.

Allah, Exalted and Glorified be He, has punished them with diseases that humanity has never known before, just as He punished the sodomites of previous times with an unprecedented punishment. Of these new diseases are the acquired immunity deficiency diseases such as the AIDS, Ebola and others.

AIDS [Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome] which is known as "the plague of homosexuals", or the "plague of the 20th century", is a totally new disease, in the sense that it has never attacked a human being before, as it is caused by a virus which is only known to infect animals. This assures the fact that it is a punishment from Allah in this age of sexual promiscuity. This virus started to spread among homosexuals in the USA in 1978, and up to the beginning of 1981, the number of those suffering from AIDS was only tens of people, but now it has exceeded millions in the lewd societies throughout the world.

AIDS is a virus that fights the white blood cells that defend the human body. The virus destroys each white cell, one after the other, until the human body loses its most important natural defense mechanism. A person infected with AIDS gradually loses immunity, becoming less able to resist numerous ailments and cancers, which eventually results in death. The AIDS patient keeps deteriorating until he dies after great suffering, and unbearable pain that may last for a long or a short period, because the immune system in the body has totally collapsed.

It is not just AIDS, but those who practice these acts also suffer from sexual diseases, which normally affect those who commit such sins, and they are also accompanied by unbearable pain. Drug companies have failed to discover a cure for AIDS, and all they could produce are some painkillers for some of the very painful symptoms associated with AIDS. Moreover, these painkillers are extremely revolting in their appearance and taste.

The Prophet (pbuh) is the most truthful as he said:

"Whenever lewdness appears among people and they speak publicly and openly about their indecent acts, the diseases and plagues that have never found their way to humanity will hit them ".

Experimental science came to prove the truthfulness of the Prophet (PBUH) who asserted this fact fourteen centuries ago. Moreover, Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He says:

 And come not near to unlawful sexual intercourse . Verily, it is a Fahishah [i.e. anything that transgresses its limits (a great sin)], and an evil way (that leads one to Hell unless Allah forgives him) ﴿

(Surat Al-Isra (The Journey by Night): 32)

And says:
 And (remember) Lut (Lot) , when he said to his people : "Do you commit the worst sin such as none preceding you has committed in the 'Alamin (mankind and jinn) ? "Verily, you practise your lusts on men instead of women. Nay, but you are a people transgressing beyond bounds (by committing great sins)". And the answer of his people was only that they said: "Drive them out of your town, these are indeed men who want to be pure (from sins)!" Then We saved him and his family, except his wife; she was of those who remained behind (in the torment). And We rained down on them a rain (of stones). Then see what was the end of the Mujrimun (criminals, polytheists, sinners, etc.) ﴿

(Surat Al-A'râf (The Heights): 80-84)

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