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الاثنين، 25 مارس 2013

Who are New Muslims?

الاثنين, مارس 25, 2013

Who are New Muslims?

New Muslims is a term used to describe those who have accepted Islam after following another religion. They are seen to have returned back to the fitrah (natural) stage of their lives when they did not believe in anything that was sinful or wrong.

New Muslims have decided to make a change in their life – hopefully for the better. They have read about Islam, spoken to Muslims and non-Muslims about Islam and feel that it is the best choice for them to make in their lives.

They always try to improve upon what they know and do and develop themselves and those around them for the better. You will almost always find new Muslims being active in the societies they live in and their workplaces, trying to make them better places, working with other people and always co-operating in issues that are good, productive and help foster love and care between people.

Just like any other member of the Muslim community born Muslim, new Muslims are equal with other Muslims in the eyes of Allah. There exist no differences between them and they are judges upon their piety.

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