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الأحد، 21 أبريل 2013

Lailat ul Bara'h

الأحد, أبريل 21, 2013

Lailat ul Bara'h (15 Shabaan - Night of Forgiveness)

Lailat ul Bara'h (Night of Forgiveness) is the 15th night of Shabaan and takes place two weeks before Ramadan. It is the time when Muslims seek forgiveness for their sins and believe that on this night one's destiny is fixed for the year ahead.
On this night, Muslims pray and ask God for forgiveness either at the mosque or at home. Muslims may visit the graves of relatives and the giving to charity is also traditional. Although not a religious requirement, in some parts of the world there are firework displays that mark this night.
The wording 'Lailat ul Bara'h' is Arabic; layltun meaning night andbaraat meaning forgiveness. In Persian and Urdu it is called Shabbe Baraat.

A discussion of forgiveness

Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish contributors discuss the religious concepts of forgiveness and atonement.

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