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الجمعة، 17 مايو 2013

The Black Cumin Seed is a Remedy for Every Disease

الجمعة, مايو 17, 2013
The Black Cumin Seed is a Remedy for Every Disease

             By: Dr. / Zaghloul El-Naggar

Abu Hurayrah (A.S.) narrated that he heard Allah's Messenger (PBUH) saying:

“In the black cumin seed (Nigella sativa seed) there is a healing for every illness except death”.

Explanation of the Hadith

The black cumin seed is that of an annual Eurasian herb of the genus Nigella that grows in the Mediterranean region and is also planted in many countries round the world. Its scientific name is "Nigella sativa" and is known by various names in different countries. It is known in Egypt as "Habbat al-Barakah" , in the Levant (ash-Sham) as "al-Qazhah" , in Yemen as "Qah-tah" , in Morocco as "Sanog wa sinog"or as "Zararah",  in Persia as "Shuniz or Shiniz" , or as "Syah Danah"and is also called "Black Cumin" and "The blessed seed". It is a cotyledonous seed, black and spicy and is often used as a spice to improve the food's taste.

This Prophetic hadith has urged many Muslim scholars and physicians throughout the ages to carry out research about the possibility of making use of this blessed seed in the treatment of some diseases, as the word "heal" , is mentioned in these Ahadith in an indefinite form . Some scholars assert that it is not meant to heal any disease and that the expected percentage of cure varies according to the type of disease and its intensity. Nevertheless, Dr. Ahmad Ahmad al-Qadi, a Muslim Egyptian scientist who immigrated to the USA, checked all of the Ahadith related to the black cumin seed, with a critical medical investigation. He said: “A seed that is a healing for every illness except death, must have a close relationship to the immune system employed by Allah to defend the human body against invaders causing disease”. This scientist carried out a study on the relation between this seed and the immune system on several patients who suffer from AIDS. He actually proved that there is a remarkable increase in the number of cells responsible for defending the body (active lymphatic cells T4-T8 cells) after taking regular doses of the black cumin seed. Thus, Dr. Ahmad made capsules, which contain garlic and the black cumin seed mixed with honey, in precise calculated amounts. He called these capsules "Conigar" (Combined Nigella sative and Garlic). Authorities in the USA actually agreed to issue a permission to produce this drug as it proved its effectiveness in healing acquired immune deficiency syndrome (whether congenital or acquired) , even though they hardly ever approve of such drugs with natural ingredients , and only on a very limited basis .

The black cumin seed was known by ancient Egyptians, Arabs and Persians, who realized its several advantages in treating many diseases including, respiratory system infections such as: common colds, infections of the trachea and bronchitis, urinary and reproductive system infections, and some skin diseases such as warts and hair loss.

Moreover, it has been proven lately that it has an effective role in treating other diseases such as asthma, high blood pressure, some digestive system infections (like chronic colon diseases) and some other viral diseases such as epidemic hepatitis, and others.

No one ever thought that the black cumin seed has any relation whatsoever to the immune system of the human body, but this is explicitly stated in the Ahadith of the Prophet (PBUH), when he said that in it: “There is a healing for every illness except death”.

That is why people have kept on using the black cumin seed for many centuries just to enhance the food taste, by adding it to pies and pickles. But recently, there is a trend to use it as a successful drug for many so-called ‘incurable diseases’. It has been proven lately, that the seeds of the black cumin contain 33% fixed oils and 1.5% volatile oils. An active substance has been discovered in the oils of this seed, which is effective in increasing the efficiency of the immune system. This substance is called Nigellone. Its name is derived from the scientific name for the black cumin i.e. "Nigella sativa". Experiments proved that Nigellone constitutes a mainstay of the immune system in the human body. This has only been discovered lately in the past few decades of the 20th century, but to all surprise, the Prophet (PBUH) indicated this scientific fact in an accurate way fourteen centuries ago. This leaves no doubt in us that he (PBUH) had no other source than Divine Revelation. Allah is Most Truthful when He says:
 Nor does he speak of (his own) desire . It is only a Revelation revealed. He has been taught (this Qur'an) by one mighty in power [Jibril (Gabriel)] ﴿

(Surat An-Najm (The Star): 3-5)

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