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الأربعاء، 5 يونيو 2013

about islam

الأربعاء, يونيو 05, 2013
Well, I would like to give you some facts about ISLAM. Actually, Islam is God's religion that sent to all humankind through his prophet Mohammad. Qur'an (Koran) is the last holy book that has been preceded by The Old Testament, The New Testament, The Sums. Islam is simple, easy, nice, and spiritual. It brings about happiness and assurance to the human self. Islam talks about believing in One and Only God (ALLAH) the almighty, the Creator, the Sustainer, who owns everything, who created everything living and nonliving. It's noteworthy that Koran has many miracles into it and many scientific facts about the universe, the fetus or embryo, the believers, the afterlife, what happens to people after they die, who goes to paradise and who goes to hell fire, how to be humble, nice, sincere, faithful to God, and courteous to your fellows, friends. It also tell you that you have to obey your father and mother, honor your parents, never to cause any harm to others, and never to kill people or believers. Actually, and since Koran is just written in Arabic and has no versions like the Bible which has many versions and copies most of them mislead you, Koran makes you closer to God the one and the only. When I read Koran, I start to cry and tears come to my eyes. Koran and Islam organizes the life of the humanity, their belief in God, societies following the way of Mohammad (PBUH) the noblest man on earth ever and the master of Adam's offspring. Islam tell you that you have to believe that Jesus is not Lord, but a holy prophet and a messenger who was able to perform some miracles God Almighty endowed to him. Virgin Mary his mother bore him immaculate conception without marriage as one of God's miracles and morals for people. You have to believe that there are many previous messengers and prophets starting from Adam, Noah, Idrees, Abraham, Ismail, David, Solomon, Jove, Moses, Jesus, Saleh, Lut, Zakaria, Yahya, and finally Mohammad all of whom preached to humanity and extracted them out of ignorance and illusion to the lights of knowledge and understanding.
The problem today with people is that they don't want to leave their lusts and positions for the sake of believing in God who gives them everything and teaches them. He is merciful, able to do everything, kind, all-knowing, creator, caring, forgiving, tolerant, patient, gracious, giving, peaceful, transcendent, dominant, the one and only, the individual, the greatest, the owner, the sustainer, the maintainer, and many more. God is perfect and complete. We, human beings, are fallacious and imperfect. Now, the problem is that people don't understand Islam and they say inaccurate things about it ignorantly or inadvertently. They don't know the prophet Mohammad (PBUH)'s life, his companions, his way of building civilizations based on the instructions and teachings of God. Islam is the absolute reality on earth. I advise you all and myself before you to go back to Islam, read it, understand it, bother your minds a bit for the sake of reaching the ultimate reality of this creation. God is the one who created the Heavens and the Earth and what is in between them, God is the one and only who creates human beings, and knows every little thing in the deepest of seas, mountains, deserts, space and everyone's inner thoughts. God is the one and only that deserves to worship not his angels, nor his messengers and prophets even though they enlightened the way for us and lifted the fog for everyone.
 It would be a great honor for me to give you details about Islam if you are interested, and believe me, I am never compelling you to brace Islam not trying to influence your minds, but I feel that this is my responsibility as a Muslim (Islamer) to tell the truth which I will be held accountable for on the day of Judgment (Doomsday) if I don't deliver it to those who don't understand or receive it. God says in the Koran "There is no compulsion in religion, the proper way and Guidance is elucidated and is different from the way of deviation".

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